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Webchat with Lisa MC Harvey and MC Romeo.

With a total of 30 members and a massive youth fanbase, So Solid Crew are always making headlines. Romeo, Lisa & Harvey jumped into the Radio 1 hot seat to offer some advise on how to make it big in the UK garage scene. They also took advantage of the opportunity to set the record straight about the shooting at Romeo's Birthday party, the real message behind their new album and being banned from Astoria.

Jam: After the shooting at Romeo's birthday party, are you really surprised that you've been banned from the Astoria?
So Solid Crew Lisa: No, because the club are looking out for their own safety. We hope to correct it in the future by showing that we don't want violence.
So Solid Crew Harvey: We can't control people in the venue, and we're suffering because of the violence.
So Solid Crew Lisa: These things happened years ago - even before we were famous - shootings, robbery, things like that. It was all happening before we were around.
So Solid Crew Romeo: Because we're in the limelight, it's getting more publicity, the violence. But it's good people know, because hopefully something can be done about it.

Bud: Romeo, what was it like someone being shot at your birthday party? What happened that evening?
So Solid Crew Romeo: I was very disappointed. There were a lot of supporters, but they drew the attention from certain haters that were there as well. But they didn't destroy it because it was a good night anyway, regardless.
So Solid Crew Harvey: We aren't doing any London dates in our tour - we've been run out of our home town.
So Solid Crew Lisa: They've spoilt it for us, but we're going to correct it as we've got enough London supporters.
So Solid Crew Romeo: The people who support us can't see us because of what has happened.
So Solid Crew Lisa: As for Scat D, justice has been called on him.
So Solid Crew Romeo: If we weren't in the limelight, people wouldn't notice the violence.

MCky: Why pose and rap about being hard, living the thug life if you don't wanna take the consequences?
So Solid Crew Lisa: We haven't got violence coming towards us. It's just a whole bunch of youngsters having a good time with music. We aren't running away from anything. We're just going to carry on. We're talking about things we've already been through, things that have already happened to us, in our past.
So Solid Crew Harvey: Listen to the album and listen to the message - listen carefully.
So Solid Crew Lisa: My view is that the album shows that there is all this going on out there, but we got through it, so can you.

Jay: What happened over the last couple of days for Megaman to change his attitude saying that its all going to be about having a party from now on? Is this because you're gigs are getting cancelled?
So Solid Crew Lisa: It's always been a party! From day one, we've been partying, having a good time. We've all stuck together, and we're going to continue that way!
So Solid Crew Harvey: People judge a book by its cover - they make up assumptions about us. If you've got musical knowledge, and you're not thick, listen to the album, and you'll get us.
So Solid Crew Romeo: We ask on the album why guys want to hate us, why girls want to talk about us.
So Solid Crew Lisa: But we're enjoying our music - talking about the good beats we make, in our lyrics. In Romeo's lyrics, you can hear about the kind of person he was when he was a child.
So Solid Crew Romeo: We think the criticism is about jealousy and envy. The way I see it is that people dislike people who come in from the streets, raw, and have worked hard to get to that higher level.
So Solid Crew Lisa: I think it's a lot to do with the money that they assume we're making. Even though we're all comfortable now, when you are on the streets, you see people with money, and you just want a piece. The people we refer to in 'They Don't Know' are the people out on the streets.
So Solid Crew Harvey: If you had Westlife in here, you'd ask about the album, but people ask us about the violence. It's been repetitive, and I am surprised people are still asking!

"We think the criticism is about jealousy and envy. People dislike people who come from the streets, raw, and have worked hard to get to that higher level."

So Solid Crew Lisa: We are attracting underground people. Westlife aren't! They're attracting the richer types, the mums that let their children listen to their music. It's safe music!
So Solid Crew Harvey: What is safe music?
So Solid Crew Lisa: Safe music is music with no swearing! Parents let their kids watch people making love on the TV, but they can't listen to a song with the F-word in it. Kids are going to hear it anyway. Let them know, let them understand. I've got a five year-old girl, Chelsea. When they cut out a swearword in that song, she knows that word. Kids will swear behind your back, so there's nothing we can prevent there. I bought the Eminem CD, but I didn't buy the CD for her, I brought it for me, but I don't mind if she hears it because she's going to know it anyway. Hopefully, she will know what I went through, and the boys, and she won't have to go through it herself. We want to show that younger talent can make it if they really try. We don't want to talk about 'I'm gonna rob this person, I'm gonna fight this person' - we want to show that people can make a good life for themselves.
So Solid Crew Harvey: In '21 Seconds' - everyone's happy, but as soon as it gets's not all about violence. A lot is hard-hitting, but it's reality.
So Solid Crew Romeo: If you don't like reality, close your eyes and ears. There's a whole load of people in So Solid, and we all have different personalities and we've been through things that other people haven't. Those who've been through bad things can express that, and others can express the happy side. It's all different personalities.

kim kayx do u think that i can become famous if i work hard? (im 12 years old)
So Solid Crew Lisa: If you've got talent, you're gonna make it!
So Solid Crew Harvey: That's a good attitude, about working hard. We worked hard, giving out flyers in the freezing cold two or three years ago.
So Solid Crew Romeo: We were putting flyers under the doors in Ayia Napa this year!
So Solid Crew Lisa: But it was fun! Something good came out of it. Question-from Polly: Where did your name come from?
So Solid Crew Lisa: Megaman invented the name.
So Solid Crew Romeo: First we were called SOS, but there was another DJ with it.
So Solid Crew Romeo: Then Megaman said, what do you think of the name, So Solid? And we liked it.
So Solid Crew Lisa: It makes sense, because there are so many of us, altogether.
So Solid Crew Romeo: There are a lot of us, but we're not all at the forefront.
So Solid Crew Harvey:We get all the credit for some of the stuff that other, quieter members do.
So Solid Crew Lisa:In certain tracks, we tell you who made the track, so listen hard, and you'll understand about our music.

subs: Your album is flossin, what's ur favourite track?
So Solid Crew Lisa: All of them! Only joking! I don't know. I haven't chosen yet.
So Solid Crew Lisa: Deeper.
So Solid Crew Harvey: Skinner, and Robbie Williams' Greatest Hits!

Question-from Kyle: What made you all get together?
So Solid Crew Romeo: We grew up together, lived in the same area. Others were all from a pirate radio station.
So Solid Crew Romeo: Harvey and Lisa were always around when the band started, we all grew up together.
So Solid Crew Harvey: Romeo gave me the belief in myself. He gave me the opportunity to MC once, and since then, I haven't turned back.

Question-from Ukkk: Were you already the So Solid Crew when you were at school?
So Solid Crew Lisa: No. When we started...
So Solid Crew Romeo: I was 18.
So Solid Crew Harvey: I was 19 or 20.

Kal G : What is it about Battersea that there's so much talent in one place?
So Solid Crew Harvey: I grew up with Romeo. We went to the same schools.
So Solid Crew Harvey: Big up to Battersea Technology College!
So Solid Crew Harvey: I was expelled from the school before that!
So Solid Crew Harvey: The schools we went to were all in the Wandsworth borough.

Question-from Fern: Are you making true garage music, or is this now something else?
So Solid Crew Lisa: This is something else. It is the So Solid sound. Hopefully people will one day ask if we are a So Solid Sound or a UK Garage sound...
So Solid Crew Harvey: We've got rap videos out, you might even catch us on a salsa beat.
So Solid Crew Romeo: But we also support garage.

Question-from Lauren: How old were you all when you decided you wanted to be an mc?
So Solid Crew Romeo: It wasn't a decision for me. Just one of those things that took over slowly. It started off as a hobby, and became a profession. Solid Crew Lisa: I was young - about seven, singing all the time.
So Solid Crew Harvey: Romeo had a professional attitude before he was famous - he'd carry a black bag with a mic in it, just in case he might MC somewhere! He used to wear a long leather mac - we called him Robocop! He was a legend... Solid Crew Lisa: He'd go everywhere with his mic!
So Solid Crew Romeo: I had my dreams, and I had to get my foot in the door and break boundaries.
So Solid Crew Harvey: I was a professional footballer, but I broke my ankle and whilst recovering I went out to clubs with Romeo. Then my contract wasn't renewed - that's how football goes. But I started doing this, and the rest is history. I feel I was meant to break my leg. I still see my best mates, like Sean Davies who plays for Fulham. He did the So Solid Dance when he scored a goal, with 21 Seconds playing in the background!

Question-from Majid: Who is the main lyricist in the whole clique?
So Solid Crew Lisa: There are ten main guys
So Solid Crew Romeo: But all of us are equal to each other
So Solid Crew Lisa: And we've got a new agency for new talent as well, so there's a lot more you don't know about. The twins are vocalists, for example, who featured on the remix of They Don't Know. We're not just about music - there's the business side as well.

Question-from Spook: Do all the other members of So Solid get paid, whether they're on a track or not, otherwise how do they get by?
So Solid Crew Harvey: Everyone in the crew has an opportunity. No-one has suffered. Megaman gave us an opportunity to build up our status, he gave us a chance. So the effort you put in is what you get out.
So Solid Crew Romeo: That's an incentive to make everyone work hard. There are people who contribute, but you don't know about them.
So Solid Crew Harvey: One of our producers works harder than the MCs who get all the credit.

Question-from Sizzah: Why is Neutrino not on the album cover and in any of the tracks?
So Solid Crew Lisa: He never featured on the tracks fully, and he's busy doing his own stuff as well. But he is still part of the group, and working hard.

Question-from Sizzah: Have you guys heard the new Ghostface album?
So Solid Crew Harvey: No, but I've heard about it. At the moment we're listening to Jay-Z and Wu Tang - them guys are deep!
So Solid Crew Lisa: Lately I've been listening to R Kelly - all the old and new albums. All sorts - anybody!
So Solid Crew Romeo: I listen to anything - Alicia Keys... !
So Solid Crew Harvey: Seal!
So Solid Crew Romeo: Tracey Chapman.
So Solid Crew Lisa: She gives some inspiration, that girl!

Question-from Hughy: How do you feel being compared to Wu Tang, Soul II Soul and the Sex Pistols?
So Solid Crew Harvey: Are they saying the Sex Pistols are like us?!
So Solid Crew Lisa: Serious?! Being different is a good thing, I suppose they were different as well.
So Solid Crew Harvey: They compare us to the Wu Tang Clan because of the number, and what we're talking about. But they started like us, and there are now like 300 of them! They've got a French Wu Tang now - they've got their own brand, volumes and albums, and they've done individual stuff. So it's an honour to be compared to them.

Louise Mould Romeo, you have an album of your own coming out, when is it released?
So Solid Crew Romeo: Early next year. I'm looking to release some singles off it first. It'll be completely different, mindboggling, and So Solid will feature on it. I've been working overtime - I've got bags under my eyes! So Solid Crew (Harvey does a beatbox while Romeo does some lyrics from his new album...) Harvey and Lisa are going to be doing solo albums too - so there's a lot coming.
So Solid Crew Harvey: It's all good. We're all individuals who have different idea, so sometimes, someone like Lisa has to be left alone to do their own thing. My album will be out in August.
So Solid Crew Lisa: Mine sometime next year.

Question-from Dave: What happened to Delight FM?
So Solid Crew Romeo: Because of our schedules, we haven't had time, but Sundays are So Solid Sundays, and the majority of us go down there.
So Solid Crew Harvey: That's where we built our underground fan base. It was brilliant.
So Solid Crew Lisa: We could practise our lyrics and things like that.

Question-from Tasha: Lisa, as a young mother how do you find being away all the time?
So Solid Crew Lisa: It's okay, because I know it's gonna be a good thing. Chelsea will be able to live that perfect life that everyone wanted. Sometimes she comes with me to interviews.
So Solid Crew Harvey: We bring our cousins, our brothers, everything with us. There are no rules!

Question from Tasha Francis: this is to harvey and romeo. is it true dat u have your hair cut at da barbers down dalston
So Solid Crew Romeo: No! There's only one specific barber that has cut my hair for years now! I love him to the bone, man!

Question-from Scally: Where do you get your clothes from, who sorts out your look?
So Solid Crew Harvey: Fay, Karen...
So Solid Crew Lisa: We choose what we want - if we want leathers, they get leathers.
So Solid Crew Harvey: Fay and Karen are the stylists...

Question-from Fran: Where can I buy the So Solid jeans and shirts that you wear on the album?
So Solid Crew Lisa: There is So Solid gear - tell me how much you want them, and we'll make some more for you! Anything you want!
So Solid Crew Harvey: There are pokemon cards out with us on it now!
So Solid Crew Harvey: There are pokemon cards out with us on it now! The So Solid logo is powerful. When we wear our stuff, people want it, and they don't realise it's all we've got!

MiZz how much do the outfits cost cos i love them?
So Solid Crew Lisa: They're made for us. We'll make em a good price for you when they come out! I'm gonna start a shop - you'll have to bid for stuff! No, I'm joking...
So Solid Crew Harvey: I remember looking at a pair of trainers when I was young, and I couldn't get them, they were so expensive. So we're not gonna do that.
So Solid Crew Romeo: We want to keep the prices reasonable. If something costs 600, how are you going to get that money when you're 14? You might go to the streets and do that thing. We don't want that.

Tanya happy b-day HARVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So Solid Crew Harvey: My birthday was on May first - but thank you!

Kris Mason What Phones and cars do you have?
So Solid Crew Harvey: They Don't Know is my ringtone...
So Solid Crew Lisa: My phone is a 3310
So Solid Crew Romeo: I've got an 8210. Daniel Bedingfield is my ringtone...

McMintY Yo Lisa, Romeo and Harvey!!! Wha gwan!!! i really love mc'in, i write my own lyrics, and work hard making them sound good and that, but my problem is, i need 2 get reckonised!! can u give me any tips on the best way??
So Solid Crew Romeo: Do what I've done. Walk around with a mic! Be dedicated, but yourself in everyone's face. Eventually, someone will accept you.
So Solid Crew Romeo: Go to raves, even if you have to pay to go in there!
So Solid Crew Lisa: Where do you come from? If Central London, there's a place called Talent World, and Teen Dream, and you can put your name down, have a go on the stage and see what happens. If you're allowed, go to raves, and ask if you can to on stage!
So Solid Crew Romeo: If you're good and you believe in yourself, it'll work.
So Solid Crew Lisa: The squeaky voice at the beginning of 21 Seconds is my daughter - she's saying 'Ha Ha Ha, What You laughing at?'

Question-from felix: Is there gonna be a So Solid TV show or a film, like Spiceworld.
So Solid Crew Harvey: That's my dream, to do a TV show!

Question-from Debbie: When are you taking on the Americans?
So Solid Crew Harvey: We don't want to take them on - we want to join them! And we haven't conquered Europe yet - we don't want to miss them out!
So Solid Crew Romeo: People ask when we're going to go to America. If we went tomorrow and didn't come back, people would say we sold out! We'll go when we're ready.
So Solid Crew Harvey: It's a serious commitment. I was in Europe last week and people were talking to me - we're in the papers over there. They love us in France, Holland, Belgium...

Question-from Juice: How are things ging wit Alesha?
So Solid Crew Harvey: Fine! Very well...
So Solid Crew Lisa: Sometimes they travel together
So Solid Crew Harvey: I just want her to be well and she wants me to be well - we're away from each other, but we support each other. It's the same with anyone in So Solid - it's all for a good cause, so that's a sacrifice you've got to make.

Question-from zee mc: Lisa...the question on every boy`s mind...are you single
So Solid Crew Lisa: No! And Romeo is not my babyfather, okay!? We do not have a relationship! I read that somewhere, and I read that I had a sexual relationship with Neutrino!
So Solid Crew Romeo: I'm keeping my options open at the moment... I got the name Romeo back in my school days... I was just chilling with the girls.
So Solid Crew Harvey: He was like Pied Piper - the girls were following him!

Question-from sarah ahmed: Harvey you are BUFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
So Solid Crew Harvey: That word haunts me and Romeo's life! A few years ago, they'd say you're 'well fit', but the new word on the streets is buff! And when people say it, their lips spit. I'm not buff!
So Solid Crew Lisa: A kid told me I was buff once - I thought, oh my word!

rhiannon vincent lisa r u engaged 2 g-man,if so whens the wedding?
So Solid Crew Lisa: There isn't a plan for a wedding but I am engaged to him. We're too busy for a wedding, but in time...! But if we do get married, I want a big hall, the whole of the Hilton for everyone to stay at, we could go to the Bahamas, Jamaica... perhaps on our pink tour bus! And I'd make the day a two week event.

Question-from Charlie: What do you do when not on stage, is it more music, or PS2?
So Solid Crew Harvey: Everything.
So Solid Crew Lisa: We want to spend time together. We're in the studio, doing interviews, photoshoots, thinking of the next thing.
So Solid Crew Harvey: When you get time to yourself, you do your own thing.

Question-from Michelle Fretwell: Has fame affected the way you look at life?
So Solid Crew Romeo: It's opened our eyes a bit.
So Solid Crew Lisa: I don't feel as famous as people say I am. When I looked at famous people when I was young, they weren't anything like me.
So Solid Crew Romeo: It hasn't sunk in - I reckon that goes for all of us. We're still doing the same things, meeting with the same friends, and we're starting to see through some of them as well...
So Solid Crew Lisa: When we didn't have money or fame, it was a struggle, but it was fun because we were working towards something. And we're working towards something now too. But it was hard. We were trying to get heard, and getting pushed back, we had to fight through the chuckbacks!

Question-from Sarah: How do you get on with the Dreem Teem?
So Solid Crew Lisa: I like them!
So Solid Crew Harvey: I don't have any personal grief with them. I don't see us working with them because their musical influence is different to mine. But it's not personal. They're nice guys. Mikee plays a lot of our stuff.

Question-from Napster: Lisa, were you ever a model.
So Solid Crew Lisa: Yessss! I've already done it, in Sky magazine. I did a fashion shoot for them. I like clothes.
So Solid Crew Harvey:Lisa's pretty so I think it's something she should look at in her career. But I hate it when girls look at her and say, she's so lovely! I was a model for five years - I went to Italy and everything. I've done CK boxer shorts, an ad for Sky Sports, loads of things. Remember Sunkist? I did things for them in Spain... They're phoning me up to get me back onto their books... but I couldn't relate to some of the people in modelling.

Question-from Molly: You've collected a couple of MOBO's and a UK Garage award, what about a Brits award or a Grammy?
So Solid Crew Lisa: Hopefully next year!
So Solid Crew Romeo:If it happens it happens.
So Solid Crew Harvey:The MTV Europe Awards - I was feeling that!

And So Solid's final word:
So Solid Crew Lisa: Thank you to all our supporters!
So Solid Crew Romeo: Hi mum!
So Solid Crew Harvey: Thanks for your constructive questions.

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