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7 Best Headphones Under £50 (2020)-UK Guide

Best Headphones Under £50

Music is to some degree a thing that most of us are hooked to. It truly is the milieu for our life, and so we desire to carry our music ubiquitously. So, how can we achieve it? With headphones, for sure!!! Headphones have been with us for eternities, but they have actually come a long way in footings of equipment and competence.

And today, you can discover a number of best budget headphones that can offer you the quality of the sound you are thriving for. Yet they remain handy enough to go wherever you go.

Our Top Picks

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  1. Sony MDR-V55 DJ Stereo Headphones
  2. August EP650 Over Ear Headset 
  3. Thomson WHP3001BK Wireless Headphones
  4. Audio-Technica ATH-M20X 
  5.  Sony MDR-XB450 Xtra Bass

Headphones let you hang on to whatsoever music you like, anywhere you like without troubling anybody else. However, picking the best headphones under £50 for you can be a challenge with several options out there.

Would you like to have open air headsets or sealed headphones? Wireless or wires? All these queries are sufficient to have you heading back without making procurement! Here are more than a few basics that may help you make a choice.

Choosing The Right Headphones under £50


The two basic types of headphones are:

  • Dynamic-driver headsets
  • Static-driver headphones

Static headphones convey enhanced sound. If you are willing to shell out additional bucks for brilliant quality of sound, static headphones will be the finest choice for you.

Headphone designs

You can pick the design that fits your comfort level and attention. Sealed headphones are robust and heavy. Open air headphones are a frivolous option for those who are not very ardent on obstructing external noises.

Portability and comfort

A number of headphones generate annoyance or discomfort in the ears. They possibly will not apt into your ears easily. An additional significant factor is portability. Handier a headphone is, superior it is for you.

Other points

Headsets with small impedance are more effectual in converting the electrical energy into sound. You must likewise investigate about the sensitivity of the headsets before purchasing it. Another benchmark to pick a headphone is to choose amid a wire and wireless headset.

Best Headphones Under £50

How do you pick the dead-on headphones? You have to consider your financial plan, of course. Here are head phones that will suit almost every budget as they are the good headphones under 50 pound. Read on to know all of them.

1. Sony MDR-V55 DJ Stereo Headphones

DJ headphones are really a hilarious variety. What they claim to be is headphones for DJs to observe tunes while execution of their work. What that actually delivers, though, is a street-style headphone with a lot of bass and deprived sonic poise.

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To be honest, they really are commendable of what a basic DJ headphone should be like. They are quite a robust option that delivers a decent amount of isolation and are pretty portable. I really like it.


  • Bags o’ fun sound
  • Elegant looks
  • Influential bass
  • Good clarity


  • Not very comfortable
  • Creaky plastic frame

Offers exceptional flexibility

The DJ styling actually means that they deliver exceptional flexibility; this is particularly good when you are travelling. The on-ear cups are alterable. You can flip them out of the way when landing them to one ear. They own a sound padding. The headband is too soft; however, it doesn’t cover an enormous amount of padding. This allows the headphones to crease-up and slip-up into your piece of luggage or your hand bag.

Design and build

The Sony MDR-V55 DJ Stereo headphones own a pretty large size. The pads repose right on your ears rather than round them. This might cause warming up of your ears on a hot day. This doesn’t help the comfort issue. The cable is non-detachable and owns a smooth design. This enhances the overall look of the set. This might lessen knotting. They own a fabric-braided cabling. Owing to it design, these headphones are too trendy at the moment.


The headband is layered of rubber to let the headphones stay firmly on your head. Likewise, the internal configuration is negligible at the top arch, allowing them flex more than the regular set. Here’s an issue – It affects the comfort level. Inexplicably, the top of the headband features more padding. If you use it for extended durations, the V55 do get a slight heated-up. Other than that, we found them comfy enough for extended episodes of use.

Sound Quality

Sony MDR-V55 DJ Stereo Headphones sound fantastic too. You attain this exceptional sound quality for its “extra bass”. They have handled the bass very well, providing the essence of a varied assortment of party tracks. Striding away from the bass, we are enthralled with the output across various genera.


In the end, if you are on a look out of headphones, DJ or not, that offer decent sound quality, then the Sony MDR-V55 are certainly worth a look. These Sony headphones are extremely trendy yet comfortable. They own a decent feel to the sound through all frequencies. The extra bass is better than anything else and let you attain the crystal clear sound quality. You can use it to snoop to music while sitting on sofa or when traveling. They are the flawless solution for all your music needs.

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 50

August EP650 Over Ear Headset with NFC

These headphones will make you fall head on heals! Talking of the sound quality, they are outstanding. You can attend your calls as well. These headphones are a pretty handy option. They are smooth with grand sound quality and are awfully comfortable. They don’t withhold on the headband or the padding near your ears. In the long run, I completely love them.

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  • Brilliant sound
  • Comfortable
  • Extended battery life
  • Integral microphone


  • The status light is too perky.
  • Sound leakage can be a concern.

Design and Build Quality

The structure of the EP650 is very compact and robust. Any collective matters that affect so many inexpensive earphones won’t trouble you. The silver lining about ear cups is pretty attractive and makes the headphones appear far more costly than they actually are. Li-Ion batteries that can offer up to 10 hours of nonstop playback will upkeep your extended snooping sessions. If they ever run out of battery, you just have to plug-in the peripheral 3.5mm audio cable and continue to rock.


One of the finest features of August EP650 is how comfy they are to use. You might acquire some heat accumulation about your ears but not to the area of getting sweaty. These are really comfortable option you can have for the Best Bluetooth Headphones under 50 category. In fact, they are really fairly a slight more at ease than numerous headphones you must have used. Even better than the ones that cost three times more!

Gym Use

You can use it well for your gym use. Nevertheless they are not as light on your crown as devoted sport Bluetooth headphones. However, they tend to convey great oomph and life to your music sessions. These headphones certainly let you drive your workout sessions better and harder!

Sound Quality

The sound quality you achieve is unbelievable bearing in mind that they are one of the best wireless headphones. August EP650 might be flashy enough for maximum folks. On top of, they add additional bass to your music. If you are looking for a regular sounding headphone then try and consider anything else. On the other hand, if a bit of extra bass is a thing for you, then go for it. You will love it!!

Sound Isolation

These headphones perform really well in terms of obstructing the adjacent clatter. Especially, if you like to snoop it loud! They would work really fine on an aircraft and particularly on bus-trips, or any other travelling purposes. Though you need to be careful as you may perhaps not be able to catch what people around you are trying to speak.

Other Features

These headphones can be used as wired headphones which is really good. Battery life they are offering is up to 10 hours. The range of Bluetooth is 10 meters or 30 feet that is good too. They are decent options for portable and handy use. You can likewise use them for placing phone calls. Call quality is too decent as well.


August EP650 is one of the few headphones that tend to be best over ear headphones under 50 categories. They are fairly comfy. More than that, if you adore the existence of extra bass in your music then these are the products for you.  They add an unbelievable value to your music sessions that will convey a smirk to your face. The great assortment of attractive colors offers you sufficient options to pick a model that entirely matches your individual inclinations. They are way too good!

Best Wireless Headphones Under 50 

3. Thomson WHP3001BK Wireless Headphones

Thomson WHP3001BK is very attractive headphone set. The headphones claim to offer dazzling reception with certainly no distortion or white noise. Likewise, they are too comfortable. The setup is pretty comfy and unfussy in addition to the battery life that gives a good impression.

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Thomson WHP3001BK Wireless Headphones are wireless and pretty easy to use. As you wear the Thomson WHP3001, the load can be felt on your ears. Notwithstanding, they are somewhat larger and consequently, are weightier than regular. Conversely, you get accustomed to it with no trouble. The base owns a decent stability.


  • Good sound quality
  • Wireless
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use


  • No extra bass
  • Mediocre battery life

Sound quality

At this value, these headphones sound legitimately good. On the other hand, with a stress on the middle tones bass is a little weak. They don’t possess a large amount of depth or punch in the bottom frequencies.  All the same, they offer a satisfactory response for the higher bass areas. Treble is too clear without being too severe.

Adequate for watching movies

The sound quality is not optimum for snooping to quality music. But then again, if you desire it for watching movies without troubling, then here we are! More than that, the battery life is pretty normal – about eight hours. The procedure of the charging is unusable, but it is a trifling problem.


Considering the cost, these are the best headphones under 50. They are cool to set up and have a steady and dependable connection. The sound is good, and yet I feel it is a better option for watching movies than listening to music. If you desire for that extra bass, then these headphones can surely disappoint you. Notwithstanding the upper low end, this is fairly decent. I would surely say that they are an acceptable option for snooping to music.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X  is just great to grab the attention of promising audio fanatics. You don’t need to be a recording expert to adore their sound. They are just the right thing for you at a budget-friendly price.

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Assessing 190g of weight, it is somewhat on the weightier side but this doesn’t make it any minus. It’s yet pleasingly comfortable. Even if you snoop to music for more than five hours , you won’t feel any tiredness.


  • Flat sound definition
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Great treble


  • Sound staging is average

Impressive Design

Are you on a look-out for headphones with robust design? If your answer is yes, then the Technical ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor headphone can be your ideal choice.  It proposes remarkable audio quality with thriving bass. It sports a cool design and owns soft ear pad cushions presenting comfortable snooping experience for longer durations. Conjointly, its circumaural design offers splendid sound isolation in brash setting. The copper-clad aluminum wire mends the sound quality and speaker’s sensitivity. Likewise, pro-grade materials make it sturdy.

Sound Quality

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Headphones sounds too soft and subdued. They provide a perfect overview to the censoriously commended M-Series line. Contemporary design and first-class materials convey a comfy snooping experience. You can attain an improved audio and operative isolation. It marks to be an exceptional option for tracking and mixing.


The Audio-Technica ATH-M20X is a great deal for up-and-coming audio buffs. Pros with minor studios must certainly have a look at this for set of best headphones you can buy under 50 pounds. It possibly will not truly make sense for you, if you just need a spare for the headset shoved with your smartphones. Otherwise, just go for it!!

5. Sony MDR-XB450 Xtra Bass Headphones

The Sony MDR-XB450 is all-set to boom your drums into stupor with utterly influential bass. However, they are not just normal headphones, hardware-wise. They can work as a usual pair with a tad of a bass accent but nothing too out of the normal.

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Go for the Sony MDR-XB450BV’s bass booster and you will feel the sound variations evidently. The treble rests to be all the same, but then again, the whole shebang below moves to a totally dissimilar character. The higher and lower bass registers tend to be thicker. The bass resonance feature functions in an analogous style to the bass radiators in less significant speakers.


  • Bass you can feel is a pleasure initially.
  • Fantastic styling.
  • Perfect noise isolation for an on-ear headphone.


  • Inferior bass boost reliability.
  • Feeble mid-range aspect and texture.

Design and Comfort

The Sony MDR-XB450BV is a great headphone set, but not those over-the-ears type you typically get. As an alternative, they are really, really… really big and best on-ear headphones under 50. Thanks to its utter size, the Sony MDR-XB450 is quite attention-grabbing. The rear plate of both the ear cups devours a metallic finish of concentric circles extensively used in Sony’s existing headphones. It is a fairly attractive design peculiarity, with a somewhat elegant, more comprehensive appearance than any other blatantly designed Beats headphones.


The Sony MDR-XB450 has a 3.5 mm audio jack that makes it simply well-matched for all media maneuvers. It furthermore comprises an in-line remote and microphone to allow placing calls. This in-line remote is well-matched with all devices. This takes account of iOS devices together with the Android and BlackBerry supporting devices.

Sound Quality

Here, the bass is not a crushing or controlling force. To boot, you attain a pleasant bass boost, but it is legitimately handled. It is not enormously boomy. These are not the ‘top and bottom’ kind of headphones. They would hoax your ears by presenting a bass punch and a tad of treble zing. You will rather feel that mid-range is flat. The XB in the signature of these headphones denote ‘Extra Bass’ that is offered along with amplified stress on low-frequency sounds.


The Sony MDR-XB450 are handy headphones that offer a bone-trembling bass. Without the bass feature affianced the Sony MDR-XB450 ‘s sound quality is realistic and eminent. If you fancy bass-heavy sound reproduction, then this product is for you.

6. TaoTronics Bluetooth Stereo Magnetic Earbuds

TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones are wireless and are tremendously useful in any condition. These handy Bluetooth headphones are too good with respects to headphone technology.

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TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones, in point of fact, arrive with three discrete sizes. Therefore, probabilities are you will catch something that would work for you. My advice is to use try the small fins. You will discover them to be awfully comfortable.


  • 8-12 hours of battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Excellent range


  • No bass
  • Mid-range fins can be a bit uncomfortable for small ears.


These headphones look substantially superior to any other headphones you must have tried out before. The TaoTronics are fairly uncomplicated and unfussy. If you get your hair down, you nearly won’t see them at all.

Sound and Range

They have approximately no bass that tends to be a bit unacceptable. Moreover, the sound quality is awfully clear, nevertheless, and it won’t skip at all. Range is excellent. You can wear them at work as well. It’s impressive indeed!!

Battery Life

With this piece, you get a good 8-12 hours after a complete charge. The low-battery alarm is not horrible like few other brands, consequently you can actually snoop to them till they are flat dead. The set will, on top of, get charged within two hours. That’s quick!! Isn’t it?


The TaoTronics Wireless 4.1 Bluetooth Headphones are one of the best Bluetooth headsets obtainable among best earbuds under 50. With this, you can hang on to your music and chat on your phone anyplace and anytime. As an athlete, a working professional, or just on a lookout of a cool lifestyle, this whimsical product is a perfect choice for you. When all is said and done, I am really pleased with these headphones. They are highly recommendable!

Best On Ear Headphones Under 50

7. Bluedio T2S Bluetooth stereo Headphones

These headphones fascinated me as I fancy over-the-ear headphones for ease, sound moniker, design and worth. They serve an exceptional build quality. These headphones offer a feeling of using an expensive set. The design is remarkable to say the least. They are available in white, red and black color variants that can surely charm the newer generation.

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The swivel is not wobbly at all. Padding is dense and relaxed around the ear cups and as well on the headband. It is not painful, but it possibly will be hard if you have bigger ears. Extensive snooping sessions might not create uneasiness on your ears.


  • Wireless
  • Built in microphone
  • Unique Style
  • Pretty comfortable


  • Not glossy
  • Not memory foam padding.
  • Cheap aux cable
  • Muddy sound quality


A 1/8 inch input on the left ear cup lets you connect a built-in cable to use them like consistent wired headphones. They are a good option in case your battery dies, as these functions well even if the headphones are off. The right ear cup comprises of micro USB charging port with no flap. On the rear end of the right ear is existing 2 click buttons for raising or lowering your volume. The power button is approximately an inch beneath the volume buttons. Pressing it may turn the headphones on or off.


Sound from these headphones is extremely subjective. They own a bass, but that tends to be quite muddy. There is no lucidity or depth to the bass. The major problem with this headphone is precision over the complete range. You won’t feel any separation and maximum instruments feels like muddied together. You may perhaps feel as if the sound is to some extent behind a wall. However, the sound is most significant factor in a headphone, it lacks here, which is just not acceptable.


The phone feature works great for this headphone. You will have voice clarity over here. The brand promotes echo suppression as well. Over and above, for placing rapid calls these headphones will work flawlessly fine.

Signal and Battery

The signal range you will receive is going to be categorically outstanding. Speaking of the battery, that is brilliant as well. This just matches the things indicated and publicized by the brand, I would say.


A feature that may perhaps be really valuable is the “headphones as Bluetooth receiver” facility. For the price you pay, Bluedio T2S headphones are a flawlessly acceptable value. They are one of the best budget headphones. The sturdy build quality, signal range, battery, and the dedicated buttons makes them a decent headphone. I just hope that Bluedio devotes a slight more while on the audio feature of the model.


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