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Betron B750s Review: Fantastic Earbuds

Betron B750s Review

These high definitions in-ear headphones are complete tangle free and have a very heavy deep bass with noise isolation. The headphones support almost all kinds of phones including iPhone, iPod, and Samsung etc. the earphones are available in 3 different colours that are red, black, and white.

These Betron B750s earphones will offer you a powerful stereo sound with improved dynamics and greater clarity. The earphone comes in 3 sizes according to the user requirement; small, medium and large which allow the user to get a personalised fitting as well as a very high attenuation of the outer noise.

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The flat cable design of these earphones will ensure a high comfort for the users as flat cables have the least chances of getting tangled. The high-quality dynamic speaker systems of these earphones have an excellent fit in the ear canals and can be easily carried to use with any device whether it supports iOS or Android systems. At this price point offered by the Betron B750s we could expect that we will have to compromise lots of features but this is actually not true.

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In-Dept Review of Betron B750s In-Ear Headphones

The earphones provide a great quality of high-resolution sound just like any other earphone with a higher price point. The package also includes a carrying pouch for the earphones and the best part is that the earphones come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The earphones do not require any electricity for their working and hence there are no chances of an electric shock to happen.

However, you may receive a static discharge in a very dry condition which is not really harmful to anyone. These earphones by Betron weight just 59- grams and have length, breadth and height dimensions of 5, 5, 5 cm respectively.

You are assured for a 30 days return policy if you are not really satisfied with the products. The cable length from the plug to the earphone head is 1.3-metre. There are no mikes included in this earphone but there is one of the best selling earphones according to the Amazon ratings of the product.

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Here are a few points that would explain the pros and cons of these earphones:


  • The earphones have a 1.3-metre long cable as measured from its plug to each earphone head. Along cable is the main requirement whenever we are looking for the best earphone that we can buy.
  • These earphones are much better than the other trending products such as the JVC as compared on the basis of the price difference and looks etc.
  • The earphones are very comfortable to wear and are available in small, medium, large sizes so that everyone can get them according to their choice. Due to this, the earphones have become one of the top-ranked products in their category.
  • The earphones have a 10-mm driver which fits nearly all kind of phones and MP3 players.
  • The earphones are capable of isolating the external noise which is very important factor to be considered while selecting the best earphones for your use.
  • You can use them while running, exercising or doing any physical activity as they fit into your ears so well those they will not come out of the ears in spite of the movement while doing any activity.
  • The earphones are made up of quite high-quality material and they do not leak any sound which means that only you will be able to hear the music and not the people sitting beside you.
  • These earphones are completely sweat proof.
  • The earphones hold an amazing value at such a low price point.

The package contains a storage pouch for the earphones so that they remain free from any kind of dust.


  • Not all the models of these earphones have a mic.
  • The earphone has a push button above the volume button which is actually for no use
  • In spite of the noise isolation feature, the users would still be aware of the noise around them which means that you still have a chance of having a little noise interruption while enjoying the sound.
  • The mic cannot be used with the Xbox adapter which means that the mic doesn’t actually work as it should.
  • The users will experience a static buzz when you connect the earphones with a phone while it is plugged into the chargers.
  • With some models of PCs, the headphone may lose its functionality and only one of the earplugs of the headphones work at that time.
  • The earphones can fit a laptop and the product can work well in a proficient manner with a desktop too.
  • The models that do not have a microphone feature are quite and light amongst the customers.
  • The fit of the earplugs may not be as good as expected.
  • The cable used in the earphones could be of a higher quality than the present material.

The ravishing Betron B750’s earphones feature a high-definition sound quality to the users around the world. With heavy deep bass beats, you can obtain a tangle-free noise for your ears. When it comes to compatibility of Betron B750s earphones, the product can cater to the devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone and various other devices in a better way.  For music enthusiasts, the device can act as the connoisseur of music.

The earphones are proficient enough when it comes to isolating the external sound. A strong bass-driven stereo sound has been ensured by the manufacturer.

The cable of any headphone or earphone is what makes it flexible, attractive and rigid. Well, what comes as a great fact is that, with Betron B750s user can obtain a flat cable, the same is tangle free in nature as well. When it comes to guaranteeing, the user can claim a year of warranty with the company.

It can be said that there is an array of earphones out there in the market that doesn’t support connectivity for gaming consoles. Betron B750s is breaking the stereotypes with an out of the box connectivity feature for portable gaming consoles around the world. Improved dynamics and clear bass-driven sound are what B750s thrive upon.

The product comes handy in 3 different sizes for users with S/M/L requirement respectively. A personal and attractive feel has been ensured by the product, a great level of comfort has been given for those who are always on the move.

Your ear canals will just love the product, for added ease, users can also take leverage of the attenuated ambient noise. Customers will receive the product in a striking pouch & different sized earbuds. Commenting on the design of the earphone, Betron B750s can be your best pick to look distinct from the rest.

Convenient as well as an asymmetrical cable has been featured with the device for the purpose of avoiding cable tangles and clutters. With just 59 grams of weight, Betron B750 can cater to your expectations.


The Betron seems to be one of the most attractive and quite affordable companies in the earphone market. These earphones look great and have a very attractive and affordable price point.

They come in a simple plastic packaging with a cable clip and a storage pouch along. These sleek looking earphones have a well-finished appearance with flat cable which makes them light in weight and tuff at the same time.

The bass port of the earphones has a great influence on the sound quality. Though, the earphones are not as high quality as the best earphones could be but keeping the highest expectations at the lowest price would not be fair enough. The sound isolation feature of the earphones is great and you can choose different adapter for the best possible fit.

The sound coming out from these earphones cannot be considered as the natural sound but it is really very nice indeed and every bit of sound coming out of the port offers an enhanced quality experience to the listeners the earphones are well designed and the sound quality is amazing for this price and there are therefore no major negatives about these earphones but it would not be wrong to say that they can be improved into a better product with a little push in the price.

So, all the music lovers who want to enjoy the highest quality of sound without any external disturbances and that too at a very low price, must consider these earphones once and experience a whole new enhancement in the sound quality.

If you’re looking forward to availing the best of the sound for your musical endeavours, then considering Betron B750s can be your only pick. A blend of efficient cost and great specifications have been ensured by the manufacturer for the consumers. Whether it’s required for your computers, tablets, smartphones or even gaming consoles, Betron is a new choice.