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Betron YSM1000 Review: Must Buy Earbuds

Betron YSM1000

Here is My In-depth Review of Betron YSM1000: Music is the food of life. One cannot lead a healthy life without some good music. Over the years the tune of music has kept every person alive.

Gone are the days when people use to have a big recorder or a gramophone to listen to some classic pieces. Now, it’s time to make every use of technology. The Headphone is the contemporary vehicle to listen to some great music.

Though there are millions of companies selling their products but when it comes to the best earphones then nothing can be compared with the products of Betron.

Betron YSM1000 Review : Best Earbuds Under 30

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Betron headphones are the most demanding products among the customers. In terms of quality, it is undoubtedly better than any other product and even the price is within the budget of a normal person.

Another interesting feature about Betron headphone is the compatibility.  The product is compatible with every device of various brands.

Here it will be a discussion on Betron YSM 1000 earphones. Right now, it has got quite a healthy demand in the market.

Why choose Betron YSM 1000?

When it comes to headphones then Betron has hardly got any competitor.  YSM 1000 is a new product which has been assembled with some great features like

  • Betron YSM 1000 is built with super strong stereo and a bass sound.  It enhances the detailing of every musical note.
  • Betron earphones review says that this is an ideal one to be used for MP3, iPod, iPhone, DVD and CD players and even with various portable gaming systems.  Compatibility is the most remarkable feature of this product.
  • It has got the quality of sound isolation which helps people to listen to their favorite music without any external noise.
  • It is made with a 24k gold plated 3.5 mm Jack for the best performance.
  • The product has got a one year warranty with 30 days money back guarantee.

Betron YSM 1000 Vs Betron DC950 Headphones

There is no limit to choice when it comes to headphones by Betron. Apart from this, there is another product Betron DC 950 headphone which is also booming in the market.

These two products are often compared and there occurs a confusion of which one to buy. Both are extremely good in their way. Yet the mass and even the professional prefer Betron YSM 1000 to be better and much powerful in compare to this.

Though DC 950 has got some great features like:

  • Deep Bass Ports and large 11.5 mm Neodymium driver units which enhance a clear sound to the ears.
  • The sound quality is good with a frequency response of 20 Hz- 20 KHz.
  • The product has got 3.5 mm plug compatible to all the other devices and the cord length is 1.2 meter which is quite preferable.
  • The product delivers crystal clear sound with an enhanced bass quality.

Though the features are quite tempted yet YSM1000 remains to be a better one.  When it comes to the quality of sound there is nothing to beat the viability of Betron YSM1000. The product is unmatchable in its sphere. You can Also Go For Betron B650 Noise Isolating Earphones, because it pack some serious hardware and awesome quality.

The words of appreciation about YSM1000 are not just some random thoughts but it has been put after analyzing various reviews. Many people have already bought this particular product and are using it for quite some time.

In-Depth Review of Betron YSM1000

Betron YSM 1000 is already known to people and the customers using this product also knows the magic that gets created. Before ending up it will be better to put some light again on the product.

When it comes to entertainment like music, cinema, and sports then sound plays the biggest factor.  It enhances the joy of watching a film or a match. Betron YSM1000 provides you some unmatchable sound and leaves you in trance. The sound effect of this particular product is so very powerful that the other products available in the market hardly get any scope to offer to the public.

Apart from the sound, the design is very alluring and has an extreme touch of sophistication. The entire look is quite classy for the people to carry it at different places.

The size of the earphone has also been appreciated by the customers.  The product has got hybrid silicon earbuds available in small, medium and large sizes.  The noise isolation earbuds helps, in reduction of every external noise which sometimes gets in. Betron YSM 1000 has also got two sets of memory foam earbuds for extra comfort while listening to your favorite music.

Betron indeed provides an extremely polished leather pouch for carrying the product.

Betron YSM1000 Earphones

All the products of betron are customized with some great features. Yet YSM 1000 is the best among the others. This product is always compared with another one and that is DC950. Both are more or less equal in terms of its features yet YSM 1000 is better in term of sound. This has already been mentioned that the product gives you an unparallel sound.


  • Undoubtedly better and much more efficient than skull candy or sennheiser.  It has got much deeper bass and clearer highs for various kinds of music.
  • All the features which are hard to find in a product are assembled in this earphone within an affordable price range.
  • Undoubtedly it has got the best noise isolation system. Noise isolation is an interesting feature which helps to cut down all the external noise which acts as an interruption while the music gets played. This feature is hardly available in other products.  Noise isolation is the most talked about feature of YSM 1000.
  • The earphone has got a metal build around the earbuds which makes it quite stylish in terms of look.
  • Tangle-free cable is another advantage of this product.
  • The best part of this product is the price which it offers to the public. Betron YSM 1000 is very much affordable for the common mass.


Even the best betron earphones have got certain cons which should be highlighted.

  • Due to the metal build, the ear buds are a built heavy for the ears. It is always better to have light ear buds so that it doesn’t create any issue. But the product has got some heavy ear buds which makes it difficult to stay for a long time.  In compare to this, the other earphones are much lighter.
  • Another issue is the size. The earbuds are quite large and it sometimes doesn’t fit inside the ears.

The world is now a restless place to live in.  People seek a little amount of calmness at every time in order to heal their mind.  Music is the biggest healer to every worries and hardship. With the introduction of Best betron earphones like YSM100 the desire to listen to some great music, have increased among the people.  The quality of the product has made people fall in love with some evergreen music.

What Customer Says About Betron YSM1000

‘The best part about Betron earphones is its way of delivery. One will receive the product in an elegant box.  This enhances the image of the product.  One side of the product is completely protected with smooth quality foam and the other side has got ultra soft silicon ear buds.  Apart from this, the product is extremely customizable with the different exchangeable earbuds which are available.


Betron headphones have got an amazingly deep and sharp sound.  One can enjoy a movie or music to a great extent due to the powerful sound that will hit your ears.  One interesting thing about this earphone is its sensitivity which is 118db. This is much better in compare to the other products available.  Though this feature is quite intricate but overall it gets added up to make the product even more vibrant.

It has been said million times that the betron headphones are unmatchable. Sound, looks and the price of the product make it the best choice for the customers.  It’s time to deal with certain pros and cons of this product.

Mostly every Betron YSM 1000 reviews are positive.  The product has matched up to the expectation of the public and is doing great in the market.  Now along with pros, there have to be few cons in order to maintain a balance. All the reviews are positive with some great feedback.  People have chosen it to be the best product among many.

Earphones are the most demanding accessories among the customers.  It becomes very evident when one looks at 1000 betron reviews which get uploaded at various e-commerce sites.  With the infusion of latest technology, the earphones are much more advanced.  Various features get added to a piece of an earphone.

With time people craves for a better product.  Headphones now are made with great features which have actually attracted the people to use it more often. Great sound, clear bass and reduction in noise are some of the best things one expects to get in an earphone.